• Hollyberry and Plum Room and Linen Spray

Hollyberry and Plum Room and Linen Spray

Just for the holidays, I've created this room and linen mist in the magical fragrance of HOLLYBERRY and PLUM,  sandalwood and incense notes blended beautifully with fresh hollyberry and sugar plum.

These don't just blanket odors, it is specifically formulated to encapsulate and neutralize odor causing agents. Soyetheyl Morpholinium Ethosulfate exhibits exceptional odor nullifying properties. The Cosmetics Database finds Soyethyl Morpholinium Ethosulfate to be a low hazard ingredient.

Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free, Sulfate Free, Formaldehyde Free.

4.25 oz spray bottle

Directions for Use

Shake well before each use. For use as air freshener, spray in well ventilated areas into air. For spraying linens or fabric, spray at minimum 12" distance. (always test a hidden area of the fabric to ensure spray does not affect the color of the material).  Do not spray into eyes.


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