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Hair Care

Herbal Hair Grease

From $13.00

Fruity Rebel Hair Leave In Conditioner & Detangler


Pink Citrus Jasmine Fermented Rice Water

Out of stock

Rooibos Mint Tea Braid and Loc Hydrator Mist


Ginger Lime Tingle Clarifying Shampoo


Purple Heart Shaped Herb Hair Moisturizing Spray

On sale $12.00

Herbal Hair Food Nourishing Moisture Spray

From $22.00

Honey Love Hair Leave In Conditioner & Detangler


Moringa Molasses Revitalizing Hair Conditioner


Plain Jain Multipurpose Hair Conditioner

From $10.00

Butterfly Pea Moisturizing Conditioning Mist

Out of stock

Mentholated Herbal Hair Grease

From $13.50
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