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Herbal Relief Remedies

Stuffy nose?  Achy muscles? Nuisance bugs?  Try my herbal remedies to get you the relief you need, naturally.
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Shower Steamers

On sale $3.00

Aromatherapy Sinus Relief Inhaler


All Natural Florida Water

On sale $6.00

Magnesium Botanical Tea Mist

Out of stock

Lavender Moon Pillow Mist

On sale $5.00
Out of stock

Elderberry Tea

On sale $4.00
Out of stock

Muscle Rub

Out of stock

Herbal Soother Cold Process Soap Bar

On sale $5.00

Natural Sinus Relief Nasal Spray


Organic Ginger Elderflower Bagged Tea

On sale $4.00
Out of stock

Organic Hibiscus Haven Bagged Tea

On sale $4.00

Netti Bottle Rinse with Pink Himalayan Salt Solution

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