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About Me

  Creativity through Chemistry

Hi, I'm Ayieta, owner of 4 the Love of Bubbles.  I've been making bath and body products for over 15 years, having embarked on several different business ventures in this realm - some successful and some not so much.  From them all, I have learned to remain true to myself and everything else will fall into place.  I am a fun-loving, free spirit who loves to try new things and this is reflected in my creations.  They are unique, random, indulgent and fun!  Experimenting with the chemistry of my ingredients - how they interact, react and affect each other and then being able to witness how my creations touch, soothe, delight and affect my customers is the ultimate reason I do what I do.

With 4 the Love of Bubbles, I want to touch my unicorns in 3 ways:

1. Create amazing products to enhance their daily lives;

2. Share my knowledge and experience as a consumer of bath and body products so they can make informed purchasing decisions;

3. Share my product making skills, experience (at home and abroad) and expertise through in person and virtual classes, seminars and vlogs.

Join me!  I can't wait to share this journey with you.



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