UNICOINS Customer Rewards Program



Unicorns, you will earn 1 UNICOIN for each $1 spent from orders regardless of the order value (tax and shipping / handling excluded). Points are added to your loyalty account when an order is created and are subtracted when an order is cancelled, declined, or refunded. You may log into your account through the enrollment email our the loyalty widget to view your UNICOIN balance. UNICOINS do not expire and are valid as long as the program is available.

Once you have collected enough points, you can redeem them for free product and/or discounts towards future purchases. You may redeem your points for free product or discounts as soon as you have enough for a reward or save them to redeem bigger rewards.  Certain items are not eligible for point redemption, such as subscription boxes.  These items will state this in their description. Shipping must be paid on any product purchased with loyalty points.

UNICOINS will NOT be earned for items purchased with a gift certificate, gift card purchases, store credit or reships.

UNICOINS earned on a purchase that is refunded or returned will be deducted from your customer loyalty account. 

4 the Love of Bubbles reserves the right to terminate and/or modify our loyalty program in any manner, at any time, without limitation, including the adjustment of percentages earned per dollar spent, program guidelines, point settings or redemption without prior notice to participants. If the loyalty program is cancelled with no alternative program, customers will have 30 days to redeem their accumulated points. After 30 days any unused points are no longer valid.

UNICOINS have no monetary value, are not transferable, may not be redeemed for cash, may not be used in conjunction with any other rebate or discount offer and are for promotional purposes only. Unicorns are always responsible for any applicable sales tax. No cash will be given back on unused certificate amounts.