• 4 the Love of Bubbles Soapmaking 101 - Saturday, December 7th VIRTUAL CLASS

4 the Love of Bubbles Soapmaking 101 - Saturday, December 7th VIRTUAL CLASS

This class will consist of virtual instruction it means no matter where you are, you can now join me in a live soapmaking session!

In this course I will teach you all the basics to creating your own cold process soap!  You will take home valuable resources, a soapmaking guide and your own loaf of soap in a reusable soap mold.

We will cover:

  • Tools necessary to make soap
  • Soapmaking ingredients
  • Step by Step demonstration of soapmaking
  • I will assist you in making your own soap during the class

Class size is very limited and seats are in high demand.  Register now!

A few notes:

  • Please do not use unicoins for this item.  Your order will be cancelled and refunded (along with your unicoins).
  • No students under 16 allowed.  Those under 18 will need parental consent
  • This is my home studio and I have pet cats.  Though they do not live on the studio floor level, if you are sensitive to pet dander, this may not be the class for you.  I am will be offering classes in other locations and virtually very soon.
  • For this class, you will need to purchase some items including rubber gloves (or the equivalent if you are latex/rubber sensitive), eye protection and an apron.  A full list of these items, which should cost you no more than $30 will be provided shortly after registration.  Prior to the class, you will need to send me a picture of the equipment so that I can confirm it is what is needed.  The remaining items needed will be mailed to you at least 2 weeks prior to the start of class.  You will also receive a link to the Zoom virtual class room and a class waiver to sign to participate.
  • STRICT REFUND POLICY - once you place your order, you will receive via email, instructions for participating in the class (please check your spam folder).  You will have 24 hours from the time of purchase to read over the instructions and if you feel you do not want to participate, you must ask for a refund, in writing - emailed to  After the 24 hour period, a refund will only be issued if another student can be found to take your place.  REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE GRANTED UNDER THESE CONDITIONS.