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Aromatherapy Sinus Relief Inhaler



While visiting Morocco, whenever I went to the herbal stores, the salespeople would grab some nigella (black cumin) seeds, put them in a bit of cheesecloth and have me inhale it.

Nigella sativa, also known as black cumin, is a flowering plant that grows in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Western Asia. The small black seeds of nigella sativa have a rich history of medical use in the Middle East and Asian countries.

Several modern studies suggest that black cumin seed oil and some of its active constituents are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. In cases of sinusitis, an active constituent derived from black cumin seed was found to be as effective as antibiotic therapy in relieving sinus congestion.

I've combined nigella seed with another favorite from Morocco, eucalyptus menthol, lavender, peppermint and pink himalayan salts to create a multi-faceted inhaler.


pink himalayan salt, black cumin seeds, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus menthol.

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