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Pocket Perfume Spray 10 ml



Science has shown that aromas elicit emotional response.  It's one of the main reasons you are here, purchasing soothing or invirograting products in captivating scents.  Because these scents move you and they move people around you.  You walk into a room and everyone's heads turn.  No?, then you're doing it all wrong, you need to layer your scents with something that lasts a little longer and packs a bigger punch.

Perfume.  Not just your soap and body moisturizer.  It is the final step to sealing the deal.  Enjoy your favorite scent longer with the concentrated power of a true eau de parfum.  What is an "eau de parfum"?  Alcohol based scents (like those found in your local department store) are given names or ratings based on the the ratio of alcohol to fragrance essence in the product.

Eau de Parfum has a potency of 20% or more fragrance essence to alcohol.  The highest level - in contrast a cologne only has 5%.  The alcohol helps the scent to evaporate over time.  An eau de parfum has more fragrance content, therefore, it lasts longer.

Get any of our wonderful fragrance in a true Eau de Parfum fragrance spray. Available in a 10ml mini mister (.33 oz) 

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