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Eco-Tab Solid Foaming Hand Soap Refills

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In an effort to minimize the use of plastics, the Eco-Tab was formulated as a way to reuse foaming hand soap bottles by creating a refill solution from the solid tablet.

Each Eco-Tablet creates 8 ounces of foaming hand soap refill.   If using one of our foaming hand soap pump bottles, they hold 10 ounces of solution.  Measure 8 ounces (1 cup) of room temperature water in a measuring cup and pour it into the bottle. Then drop in one Eco-Tab and allow it to dissolve completely.  This may take up to 12 hours.  Shake well and enjoy clean hands and feel good about one little thing you did to help save our environment.

Each refill package contains three (3) Eco-tabs with the option to add on a former bottle.


slsa, baking soda, propanediol, avocado oil, fragrance, vegetable glycerin, cream of tartar, decyl glucoside, citric acid, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium alginate, food-safe coloring.

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