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Egyptian Perfume Oils

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The art of Egyptian perfumery dates back to ancient times when perfumers crushed flowers, berries, plants and resins to create aromatic oils used to purify, protect, attract, and worship.  Many of today's Egyptian blends date back to these ancient times.

Each oil comes in a 10ml roller ball bottle

Available scents: SCENT KEY (F) Feminine  (M) Masculine (U) Unisex

ATON (M) - herbal notes with black pepper, lemon and musk

BRIDE OF THE NILE (F) - alluring aquatic scent with a slight powdery finish

EGYPTIAN MUSK (U) - light and sensual, this universally appealing scent transports you to the distant land of the pharoahs with notes of fresh water and sanctifying sandalwood.

EGYPTIAN VIOLET (F) - light floral bouquet of the fragrant flower

FIVE SECRETS (F) - after the first fruity nuances, the variety of floral scents combined with a subtle hint of wood enchants the senses

FLOWER OF SAKKARA (F) - made solely from the Sakkara flower, which grows only in Egypt and was named after the palace around which it was first found.  It has a beautifully light sweet floral aroma

FRANKINCENSE (U) - A rich woody, earthy scent with a deeply mysterious nuance. Woody top notes with nuances of camphor and musk

ISIS (F) - sweet, rich, alluring scent of honey, almonds and amber

KEY OF LIFE (U) - fresh herbal scent with a light musk base

LILY OF THE VALLEY (F) - the essence of this subtle flower

LOTUS FLOWER (F) - the ancient Egyptians associated the lotus flower with death and rebirth (reincarnation).  This association arose from the way the flower retracted into the water at night and emerged again with the rising sun.  This beautiful floral fragrance is enchanting, light and delicate

MYRRH (U) - a warm, rich, spicy balsamic scent

NEFER (F) - Nefer means "beauty" and is the root of the Queen names "Nefertiti" (beauty is coming) and "Nefertari" (beauty has come).  This beautiful oil blends rose, myrrh, cinnamon and cardamom

OSIRIS (M) - a fresh scent of green herbs and myrrh

ORANGE BLOSSOM (F) - an aromatic blend of orange fruit and flower with an herbaceous undertone

QUEEN OF EGYPT (F) - sweet and sensual perfume that will charm you with its floral notes and delicate musky touch

QUEEN TIYE (F) - fresh floral scent that is not overly sweet or sappy.  Clean finish with a light woodsy finish.  Sexy but not powdery.

RAMSES II (M) - the ancient Egyptians were famous for their exotic and luxurious perfumes.  In the ancient world, King Ramses II commissioned this alluring scent for me with a blend of cardamom, lemon and amber.  A fresh, crisp scent.

ROYAL AMBER (U) - rich resins and woodsy notes.  Aids in decision making, brings abundance

SECRET OF THE DESERT (F) - classic blend of citrus fruits, jasmine and a hint of pineapple.  Awakens intuition, promotes connection of mind, body and spirit, awakens feminine energy, reduces stress

WINTER JASMINE (F) - sensual floral scent.  Calms the mind and is uplifting to the senses.  May help with depression

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