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Mega Waffle Bath Bombs

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My bath bombs are bubbly bombs of skin love in the tub! made with skin moisturizing and nourishing shea butter, these bombs create a tub of colorful, fragrant, moisturizing bath water.

This particular bomb is extra yummy because of the added unrefined cocoa butter added which gives just a subtle hint of chocolate to the scrumptious tub treat.


These Huge bath bombs are 9.5 ounces each


Unwrap and drop into bathtub of running water for a fizzy, foamy, scented bath. 
Use caution exiting the tub as this bath bomb may have caused surfaces to become slippery.  This bath bomb can be cut into pieces with a sharp knife if you would like to use it for more than one bath


baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot powder, liquid shea butter, cocoa butter, kaolin clay, slsa cream of tartar, mica, fragrance.

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