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Mimosa Cooler Toning Water


Refresher mist perfect for the hot summer months. Tone, moisturize and revitalize with this little gem. Mimosa Cooler Toning Water mist features pure raw coconut water and aloe vera infused with nourishing and soothing botanicals. This hydration super gem is then combined with the amazing benefits of manuka oil and a new terpene blend known for its uplifting mood enhancing and calming effects.

Super multifunctional - this mist acts as facial toner, insect bite soother, and cooling mist for those hot summer days.  Keep it frosty in your refrigerator at home or your cooler when out and about to boost the chill factor of this amazing little mist.

*Manuka oil is extracted directly from the plant bees feed on to create manuka honey. Get all of the nourishing benefits without the animal cruelty.

2 ounces

Ingredients: aloe vera juice, organic raw coconut water, witch hazel hydrosol, mimosa flower, calendula, chamomile, rosemary, licorice root, cucumber seed oil, sorbitol, manuka oil, potassium sorbate (food grade preservative), neroli & spearmint essential oils, terpene blend.

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