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Niaouli Essential Oil

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Niaouli Essential Oil is a light, clear to pale-yellow liquid with a strong and penetrating camphoraceous aroma. It is aromatically close to Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils and is further known for having similar properties as Tea Tree Oil, albeit with a subtler scent.

Traditionally, Niaouli has been valued for its cleansing properties, widely considered to bolster immunity. It is believed that centuries ago, babies were wrapped in Niaouli bark to confer strength and protection in communities where the trees grow wild. Some used the tree's leaves to treat wounds and prevent infection

Used in aromatherapy, Niaouli Oil is reputed to have a clarifying influence that helps to sharpen mental focus and boost mood, which in turn can help encourage quality sleep. Its powerfully potent scent is further known to help clear the airways and promote easier breathing, thus facilitating feelings of relaxation, which can be particularly helpful when dealing with stressful emotions. Despite its strong scent, Niaouli Oil is gentle when used topically – even for sensitive skin – and can be added to natural cosmetics and body care formulations for its cleansing and balancing benefits. A cooling oil, Niaouli is known to have a comfortably soothing touch when used in massage.

15ml dropper bottle

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