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Peppered Massage Oil Roll On


While in Egypt, I was introduced to Sandalwood sap.  The unscented sap of the sandalwood tree is very similar to maple syrup, it is thick and gelatinous, but contains an amazing amount of collagen.  Collagen is great for improving skin's elasticity and it penetrates the skin layers very quickly.

Using this ingredient, I formulated Peppered Massage Oil.  This roll on contains a blend pepper extracts, menthol, ginger & tumeric to ease muscle aches and pain.

1 oz roll on bottle

Directions for Use:

Rub a generous amount of oil directly on to achy muscles and massage in to warm and ease pain.  For the best results, after rubbing into skin, wrap area snugly in warm bandage to extend the relief.


MCT oil, sandalwood sap, cayenne, black & chili pepper extracts, cinnamon essential oil, camphor essential oil, ginger, turmeric, menthol, cardomom, wintergreen & peppermint essential oil.

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