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Pure African Black Soap Bars


 This raw, African black soap contains only natural plant materials unlike the solid detergent bars we have come to know as traditional body soap.

Use this soap to cleanse face and body. African black soap has been used for generations and may help to alleviate following skin issues:

-Dark spots and discoloration
-Itchy skin
-Oily skin/face
-Makeup removal

Raw African Black Soap helps to deep clean your skin and works well for most skin types including oily, dry, or acne prone skin. Its astringent properties deep clean pores and aids in the relief of these come skin issues. Occasionally because of its deep cleansing attributes, some with sensitive skin might find this soap a little irritating. If this is the case, discontinue use immediately.
NOTE: Raw black soap, like any natural soap, may have a thin white coating of soda ash on the outside on all or part of the soap. It sometimes forms when the soap comes into contact with the air. It is rinsed away when you wet the bar to use. Since this is naturally occurring and is not a defect. I shrink wrap my bars to help prevent this, but if you store your bar in an open soap dish, you may notice soda ash forming on the bar.

Always store your soap in a soap dish that allow water to drain away. Once dry, if you would like to reduce the chance of soda ash forming, you can store the soap in a sealed ziploc bag or airtight storage container.
I find that my liquid black soap is gentler to the skin due to the additional glycerin and added calendula. It can be found here:

approximately 5.5 oz bar

Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash, Shea Butter, Water

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