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Soapmaking Oil Blend


Students who attend my soapmaking classes are given a blend of all of the oils in the recipe we use in class to cut down on measuring errors and time.  

Now these blends are available for sale.  Oils are pre-measured and blended, you just need to add the recipe to a soap calculator to get the amount of lye, water and fragrance you need based on your batch size.

Great for using the heat transfer method, because of my blending method, these oils stay quite liquid at room temperature.  Just shake well and pour.

Three Blends are available:

Balanced Blend - great lather, super conditioning and firm, stable bars.

Canola Oil 20%

Castor Oil 6%

Coconut Oil 25%

Olive Oil 15%

Rice Bran Oil 11%

Palm Oil 20%

Shea Butter 3%

Salt Soap Blend - counteracts the lather diminishing properties of salt with added conditioning oils

Avocado Oil - 7%

Castor Oil 3%

Coconut Oil 75%

Olive Oil 15%

Palm Free Blend - great lather and conditioning without the palm oil

Avocado Oil - 15%

Castor Oil 5%

Coconut Oil 33%

Olive Oil 20%

Shea Butter 7%

Sweet Almond Oil 20%

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