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Thieves' Essential Oil Blend


Thieves Essential Oil blend is a 100% pure and natural essential oil that mixes eucalyptus, clove (and I'm a little heavy handed on the clove), cinnamon, lemon and rosemary. 

This blend has a fabled beginning.  It seems that during the bubonic plague in the 15th century, a band of thieves were seeking to make their fortunes by robbing the bodies of plague victims.  Not wanting to get sick themselves, they created this blend by observing different spices and blends that the spice trader's used to stay healthy.

This aromatherapeutic blend of oils is great for use in your diffuser to freshen up the room or to spray onto furniture and drapes (be sure to dilute in a water spray or use the spray form and check fabrics to make sure their colors will not be damaged by the spray).  Dilute in oil and use as a calming or centering fragrance.

Available in 15ml oil or 2 oz water based spray

*This recipes has not been scientifically tested and I am not able to speak to its effectiveness as an antibacterial or antiviral agent.  Please exercise caution when using and do not ingest.  Seek the advice of a medical professional for any illnesses.

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